Environmental Due Diligence of CO2 Capture and Utilization Technologies – EDDiCCUT was a 4 year research project aiming to systematically assess the technical, economic and environmental performance of novel CO2 capture and utilization technologies explicitly taking into account limitations in the knowledge base. To accomplish this, an integrated assessment framework, Environmental Due Diligence (EDD), was developed and tested. The core of this framework was the integration of technical, economic and environmental assessment methods in combination with data and model pedigree analysis. The project developed the framework and executed the case studies in an iterative manner, where lessons from one cycle of application informed the next version of the framework. The project carried out 10 case studies across different TRL levels. The cases included both CCS and CCU applications. Key outcomes include 15 scientific papers in addition to the framework report and 2 PhD candidates. 

The  EDDiCCUT project has been chaired by the Department of Industrial Ecology (NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology) in collaboration with the research center Tel-tek and the Copernicus Institute (Utrecht University).